Frequently Asked Questions

GAMKA School of Ministry

GAMKA is a Kingdom School for training ALL who desire to fulfil their calling and destiny and to stand blameless before the Lord at His coming. To accomplish this, they must continually increase in love by acquiring knowledge and depth of insight in what is excellent.(Phil.1:9-10)

We focus on studying the more excellent ways of God as revealed in the mysteries of the kingdom hidden often in the shadow examples of scripture. We pursue an authentic apostolic Christianity of the sort required for the last days in light of the momentous times we are progressively entering. Thus, all true students will be able to do and teach that which is adequate for our own time of visitation.



We are non-denominational and open to all who seek to know and understand the Creator’s will, plan and purpose as revealed to His creation primarily through Scriptures.

No. According to the scriptures, all the saints are meant to do ministry. (Eph.4:12) GAMKA’s School of Ministry Basic Programme is tailored to provide high level spiritual understanding required for all believers.

However, there are areas of specialization which GAMKA handles under its Advanced Programme that focus on equipping students more specifically. For example, the School of Apostles (GAMKA-SOA), School of Prophets (GAMKA-SOP), School of Teachers (GAMKA-SOT), amongst others, are some of the unique programmes for those called to five-fold ministry.

At the end of the program, a certificate of participation will be granted for THE SCHOOL OF MINISTRY BASIC PROGRAMME or for any of the SCHOOL OF MINISTRY ADVANCED PROGRAMMES as proof that you have been a part of our program.

GAMKA School of Ministry is a spiritual institution with a primary emphasis on intensive scriptural studies about our multi-dimensional reality. In this way, it is distinct from a formal, government registered theological college, and neither is it affiliated to any such body. We seek rather to adopt the best method for ministry preparation possible in the circumstances allowed us by the time and opportunities we have in today’s world.

We believe there will come a time when having that acknowledgement may hold sway in some way with those who have come to see the fruit of our ministry. However, we do not deem this important in nearly any way. This is not just another Bible school. Rather, we seek to empower believers with the Word and the Spirit, just as Jesus did with His disciples, and Paul and the first apostles did with theirs. Our aim is to raise a generation of ministers who will, by their lifestyle, be saying “Come Lord Jesus”, and who will equip others to be found ready when the Lord comes. This is our goal, and we have no other intention whatsoever.

However, earthly diplomas and degrees in and of themselves, have never played a part in God’s expansion of His kingdom, but rather, have often been found to hinder it in many cases. At GAMKA, we seek to impart a living knowledge of God’s truth and experiential knowledge of God’s power. We deem this more fulfilling than any theological degree that we could issue our students.

At GAMKA, Tuition is FREE.

However, after paying $5.00/N1000 as a one-time Application Fee, an affordable $15.00/N5000 Acceptance/Registration Fee for admitted applicants is all that is expected from students.

However, you may partner with us by making donations that will help us make the resources and knowledge available to others who are willing to come and learn the knowledge of the Lord but cannot afford the small amount expected. Already we have offered scholarships to a number because of this.

You can pay online or in cash. If you choose to pay online, just be sure that you mark it as “Application fee” or “Registration fee.”

Follow this link to make your payment: Apply Now

If in cash, please visit us at GAMKA, No. 15 Ikpa Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

GAMKA offers a needs-based scholarship. Contact us to get further information.

To date, GAMKA has been mostly funded through personal gifts. We trust God to move upon the hearts of donors who will partner financially to assist us offer registration scholarships to many who desire to join up, acquire needed equipment, and expand our operations. 

GAMKA is run mostly online although some students also attend in person.

GAMKA runs multiple schools addressing various ministry callings.

GAMKA has a programme for every single Christian, young or old in the faith.

GAMKA is a non-denominational Bible School and therefore is under no pressure to hold limited or prejudiced views.

GAMKA presents many fresh angles on knotty or contentious topics due to a strong insistence on aligning our beliefs only with what the scripture states in spite of popular positions held by different schools of thought. A lot of these seeming new interpretations are actually as old as the apostles and church fathers as found in their writings but have unfortunately been lost due to new winds of doctrine that displaced them over the centuries.

At GAMKA, we are willing to acknowledge incomplete understanding on certain matters the Lord has shrouded in darkness yet and also present possible alternative answers to various issues even though radical.

GAMKA equips her students with sound doctrine and deep revelation presented in simple understandable language and many mental and pictorial illustrations.

GAMKA classes are practical and aimed at preparing all for frontline ministry to God, the church and the world. For every theoretical biblical lesson, we strive to implement the practical effort that makes the word flesh and ensures true sanctification by the mirror of the Word. Thus, our students are actively motivated to apply the lessons taught to real-life ministry.

Written papers and oral testimonies will often be shared by students of their personal experiences arising from this school of obedience to God’s Word.

GAMKA programmes and courses are available online to meet every students’ schedule needs whenever they are able to tune in daily. Because of the hands-on, direct application nature of course content, students can expect ample opportunity to engage in the pragmatic application of theology even in an online environment. Questions arising from classes will be recorded and posted at the end of each Module.

Crash programmes with mainly in-person classes may last between 2-4 weeks for Basic and Advanced Programmes at different seasons. Such programmes will be announced ahead of time for interested parties.

Personal Counselling opportunities for ministers are available as required for hands on assistance in the pursuit of God-given ministry goals.

GAMKA currently leases space on the 2nd Floor of 15 Ikpa Road, Opposite the Town Campus of the University Uyo within the suburbs of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

#12. How long does it take to finish the program?

This depends on the content available for each programme and course. As an illustration: The School of Ministry is under the Basic Programme of which there are two semesters of classes within a session. The School of Prophets/Apostles/Teachers, etc., are under the Advanced Programme. These schools will last as long as their individual content require and depending on how quickly we can put it out online at this time. However, the Intensive Programmes are held in-person at a fixed venue and during a 2-4 week season, a semesters’ or sessions’ worth of content may be covered.

It also depends on how much time the individual student commits to studying the online content daily and at what time the student signed up since more content will exist with time.


Do you have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us with your questions. Send us an email at registrar@gamka.org or call us at +234-810-864-5616, or +234-907-650-4788.